The best CBD oil for sleep is 100% pure, potent, and free of additives.

Ask your friends which is the best CBD oil for sleep, and you're sure to receive several answers in return. Some people prefer a bit of THC with their cannabis sleep aid. Others like straight CBD oil which offers anxiety relief and relaxation, but none of the 'buzz' associated with weed.

What is CBD

Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica are plants rich in medicinal, therapeutic and recreational compounds. Out of hundreds of these compounds, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD are the most studied to date. Known as cannabinoids, these remarkable natural compounds offer much in the way of therapeutic benefit.

CBD (Cannabidiol) may be extracted from cannabis plants or made synthetically in a lab. Both sorts of CBD may be used for sleep, but folks who prefer natural products are more likely to find that a cannabis extract provides the best CBD oil for sleep. In addition to oil cartridges that are used with a battery-powered vaporizer, CBD for sleep is available in tablets, tinctures, and sprays. Here at Gemstonz, we offer CBD infused honey that's just right for stirring into your evening cup of herbal tea to facilitate a healthy sleep cycle.

How CBD works

The pain-reducing, calming effects of CBD are not fully understood, but here's what scientists say so far:

Cannabidiol works in harmony with many areas of the human brain. When CBD meets specific receptors, chemicals and proteins within the brain, amazing things happen. Interaction of CBD and the brain may trigger positive changes of hormones and neurotransmitters. These chemical interactions appear to facilitate the body's natural sleep-wake rhythms. CBD may also lessen pain perception, reduce inflammation and reduce seizures, explains The Sleep Doctor.

Cannabinoids are not foreign to the human body. Even those who've never toked in their life produce natural hormones that are nearly identical to cannabinoids. There are special receptor cells in the brain that fit perfectly with CBD. For this and other reasons, CBD research shows promise in treating a range of neurological conditions.

Many people find that the best CBD oil for sleep isn't oil at all. Hard candies infused with CBD are a great way to ingest cannabinoids without waiting for them to be processed through the stomach and liver. Merely unwrap a hard CBD candy and suck on it until you feel relaxed. If you opt for THC-free candies, you won't get high, but you'll undoubtedly find yourself comfortable enough to dream relatively soon.

Now that marijuana laws are lightening up, anyone may avail themselves of the best CBD oil for sleep. If you have a medical marijuana card, or if you live in any state where cannabis is now legal, visit your local dispensary to browse a bounty of cannabis medicine.

Vape cartridges provide an excellent alternative to smoking. Choose a CBD rich strain for maximum pain relief and anxiety relief. Try a variety, and let us know which you believe to be the best CBD oil for sleep.